What Digital Marketing is doing for Small & Medium Sized Businesses

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One major observation that we have decided to focus on is the fact that internet communication technology has brought a lot of changes into our lives and especially in the way we communicate or impression we give to the public. In a similar way, companies and institutions have also been influenced by this evolution which defines clearly how and which way they communicate and reach out to the public. 

In the last 5 years, the Advertising and Marketing industry has evolved and is shifting from the traditional way of reaching out to people to a more digital communication era where most potential audience are targeted much easier, cost efficient and quicker. Gone are the days, when companies had to spend a lot on TV commercials, radio advertisements etc. to reach out to large audience about promotions and other important information. 

These days, the internet has made it easier for not only companies and well established institutions to advertise on digital platforms but has also helped small sized and young businesses to promote and reach their target audience in their respective markets.
Since the swift of modern day technologies, a lot of businesses are doing their best to stay in the race and having a successful digital marketing strategy will determine whether your business will succeed or fail. 
Here are five ways the new era of digital marketing is helping businesses and institutions;
1. Builds brand reputation
The kind of traffic that a digital marketing strategy attracts is most likely to consist of targeted audience, who probably already wants to know more about your brand and engage with what kind of service or product your business offers. Businesses that do exactly what they communicate to public are going to build a quality relationship between digital audience by converting them into loyal customers that interact with their service or product regularly. A business with loyal customers tend to build a great brand reputation that opens new opportunities to grow and expand to bigger markets.

2. Generates better revenues
Every good digital marketing campaign should produce high conversion rates that will eventually benefit the business in terms of higher revenues. It’s known that small and medium sized businesses benefit massively from digital marketing strategies, since a better revenue growth expectancy provides them about 3 times better chances to grow and reach bigger markets.

3. Gives better return on investment
As mentioned earlier that digital marketing improves branding and revenues, it also provides a better return on investment than traditional marketing does. One major advantage that digital marketing has is its ability to track and monitor easily which makes it possible to measure results immediately your targeted audience makes a desired action such as filling the contact form or making a purchase and etc. 

4. Breaks boundaries to online playing field
A while ago digital marketing was just a privilege of well established businesses and corporations because they were equipped with sufficient resources for such marketing campaigns. However today, digital marketing now breaks boundaries to the online playing field which allows small and medium sized businesses to compete with well-established ones to win market shares. Today small and medium sized businesses have the necessary resources that enables them to sell and market their products and services exactly how large well-established businesses previously only could.

5. Ability to interact with targeted audience
Another major advantage that digital marketing has over traditional marketing are the tools that make it possible to interact with targeted audience in real time. Most customers or users are happy to engage with the seller or provider when they interact with the business especially for the first time. This engagement is a learning curve that the business benefits from by getting a better understanding of the needs of targeted audience to improve strategies and customer experience. 

Author: Kingsley Ampaw, Founder of Sambet Africa Digital Advertising

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